About - Mustard Seed

What is the Mustard Seed Furniture Bank?

"Furnishing help to rebuild lives."   That is what we have been doing at the Mustard Seed Furniture Bank of Fort Wayne since 2002. Our mission is to provide household furnishings to families and individuals in our community as they rebuild their lives after suffering disaster, personal tragedy or other catastrophic misfortunes. We are an independent organization that operates locally to serve our neighbors in need.

People come to the Mustard Seed from a variety of situations. They may be starting over due to the death of a family member, domestic violence situation, or fire. Some are leaving a homeless shelter. They may be unemployed, underemployed, or unable to work due to a serious illness or disability. Since 2002, the Mustard Seed has assisted over 5,800 households touching the lives of over 7,700 adults and 9,500 children.

The Mustard Seed does this through a simple referral process that utilizes local social-service, and faith-based agencies, churches, and schools. They provide the Mustard Seed with a written referral of the client's specific needs, following a home visit.  Mustard Seed then verifies the referral and contacts the client initially for their appointment.  When the client arrives for their scheduled appointment they complete a brief application, provide some copies of some documentation; then choose their furnishings. Depending on their referral and our inventory, clients can choose up to four large items (sofa, table and chairs, dresser, etc.). In addition, they receive free bed and kitchen linens and basic kitchenware.

The Mustard Seed's assistance is limited to once in a lifetime, so clients know that they must take care of the items and that we do not offer a revolving door of services. We are a 100% donation based agency so we depend heavily on our area neighbors to help with the needs of our clients.

Mustard Seed Furniture Bank of Fort Wayne, Inc.

2015 Board of Directors

President -- Andy Hufford
Vice-President -- Brad Stanfield
Secretary -- Christanne Bauer-Deitering
Treasurer -- Matt Stout

Members At Large:
Cory Dietz
 Doug Kline
 Steve Mitchell
 Amos Norman
 Alex Platte
 Noelle Reith
 Matt Stout
 Brandon Wolf    

 Suzie Jordan, Executive Director

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