Need Furniture?

The Mustard Seed Furniture Bank works on a referral basis and serves families and individuals in the counties of Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Noble, Wells and Whitley. A family or individual must work with an agency to obtain a referral. That agency will make a home visit to determine and verify needs. Over 165 different groups referred clients to our agency in 2018. Each client’s situation is different and we do not provide a list of our referring partner agencies to prospective clients. We also do not replace or upgrade furniture after it is given to the client. Assistance at the Mustard Seed is once in a lifetime unless extenuating circumstances exist.

We provide gently-used furniture, household items, linens and basic kitchenware to families and individuals who are in a variety of situations. They may be:

  • Uninsured victims of a fire or flood
  • Domestic Violence Victims
  • Foster children aging out of foster homes
  • Individuals dealing with a documented physical or mental illness
  • Veterans
  • Elderly
  • Individuals moving out of a homeless shelter
  • Individuals successfully completing a substance abuse recovery program
  • Individuals re-establishing a home after leaving incarceration (contact Parole Officer)

Ask your caseworker, school counselor or minister if they are a referring agency and if they are not, please refer them to this page!


All of our furniture is gently used and the inventory changes daily. After we have received and processed a referral, our agency staff will contact the client directly to schedule their appointment at the Mustard Seed. Clients must bring to the appointment the $30 cash processing fee, a copy of their lease or rental agreement, and their United State State picture ID card. Clients must also bring a truck or trucks that are large enough to take all of their selected items with them. This vehicle(s) must be at the Mustard Seed facility at the beginning of the client’s appointment. Delivery is not provided by the Mustard Seed.

Have questions?   Please complete the required fields below and a member of the staff will contact you at their earliest convenience.

Please include a form that the potential client complete and is emailed to:

            Potential Client Name (first, middle and last)

            E-Mail Address:

            Telephone Number:

            What county/counties have you lived in for the past 6 months

            What catastrophic situation have you encountered leading to the need for our assistance?