Our Furniture Bank….In Lives Touched!

When the Mustard Seed provides a family of four with furniture, beds, linens and kitchenware, they save over $1,000. The family can use the dollars for other needs such as food, gasoline, utilities, clothing and medical expenses. This helps families grow more self-sufficient and less reliant on public assistance or charity, which benefits the entire community.  In addition to the demographic breakdown below, we served 45 Veterans in 2017, bringing our total to 401 Veterans served since we began tracking this number in 2007.


In 2017
2002 through 2017
Households Served 705 9,348
Total Amount of Adults 1,003 12,865
Total Amount of Children (newborn-17) 1,305 15,641
Beds4kids Provided to Children (2-17) 831 8,888
 Adults Receiving A Bed 492 5,908
Large Items Provided to Households 4,002 27,600
Households Providing Material Donations 2,760  Not Available


In 2017 the racial background of our households include:

49% Caucasian 33% African American 6% Burmese 6% Hispanic 5% Multi-Racial 2% Other

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[progressbar_striped text=”33%” width=”35″ bg_color=”#0e9831″ class=”active”]
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