The Mustard Seed Furniture Bank has offered its unique Beds4Kids Program since 2002. When a family is referred to us with children in need of beds, we provide each child ages 2-17 the needed items they may need for a good night of sleep which may include a new foundation, mattress and pillow and a gently used bed frame, blanket and sheets.


When children sleep on the floor, on a broken mattress, or with others in a small bed, they do not get as much critically needed sleep. The children are then tired, which limits their ability to actively participate in school, eventually resulting in lower grades. They may lose interest completely and drop out of school. With a new bed and all of the trimmings, children will get the rest needed to grow up healthy, pursue their educational goals, and become leaders of our community.


The Mustard Seed Furniture Bank’s Beds4Kids program has provided a new mattress, foundation and pillow along with a set of sheets and blanket to over 6,300 children. In 2013 the agency was able to include a bed frame to make each child’s bed complete!