Volunteers Needed



Share Your Time & Talent – Volunteer!

The Mustard Seed Furniture Bank offers many opportunities to volunteer your time and make a difference in the community. We are pleased to offer something for everyone – whether you choose to help sort and shelve donations, work in the front office, share your talent at one of our fundraising special event or help at a community event that builds the awareness of our agency.
Simply contact us and a member of the Mustard Seed staff will be in contact to schedule a visit to our facility to learn more about your specific interest to help.  In 2016 we had over 200 volunteers share their time and talents with the Mustard Seed.


Community Service Hours for School

Don’t wait!!   We invite high school and college students to schedule a time with our coordinator to learn how they can help the Mustard Seed while meeting their volunteer or community service requirement for the National Honor Society, graduation, or a specific class.


 Court-Appointed Community Service Hours

The Mustard Seed works with individuals who need to complete court-appointed community service hours, but we ask that you pre-plan and contact our office. These hours are only available at the Mustard Seed Monday through Friday from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm and you must meet our volunteer coordinator prior to beginning your hours.

Volunteers Needed